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Diamonox® Ozone Technology is an innovative, yet proven, sterilization solution for disinfecting your perishables, food processing equipment, facility and operating environment. ADT’s systems provide simple point-of-use ozone generation, utilizing nothing but a small, durable Diamonox element, tap water and low levels of electricity to generate biocidal ozone. No toxic chemicals are present in this disinfection process, making it a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to eliminate bacteria and pesticides from produce, while extending the life of fruits and vegetables.

The streamlined ozone production offered by ADT’s systems provides flexibility to harness the power of UNCD® in multiple, application-specific methods. ADT’s mobile Diamonox Ozone Sprayer can be used to introduce ozone to any point in a produce production process – from farm to grocer. Inline ozone systems offer “hands-off” ozone production, designed to reliably leverage ozone disinfection at regular intervals in the produce production process.

  • Help eliminate mold and bacteria that cause premature rotting and product loss
  • Reduce the presence of microorganisms, such as E. coli and listeria
  • Kill bacteria in an environmentally friendly, chemical-free manner