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Advanced Diamond Technologies Industrial Division is Proud to Announce


This new relationship will allow John Crane to combine their industry-leading mechanical seal expertise with the proven solutions of Advanced Diamond Technologies, Industrial Division, to deliver an exciting innovation:

John Crane Diamond, the face treatment solution that uses the qualities of nature’s hardest substance to increase industrial equipment reliability and productivity.

Through this partnership, JCD will continue to offer customers the same world class service and manufacturing expertise, while driving possibilities in the worlds of UNCD technology and industrial products.

John Crane Diamond delivers essential benefits:

Increased durability
This pure diamond film delivers unmatched hardness and superior chemical stability to increase seal durability and longevity.
Increased reliability
Rigorous controls assure film crystallinity, thickness, and consistency.

Reduced costs
The low coefficient of friction results in cooler running faces, reduced power use, and lower lifecycle costs.

Increased productivity
Mission-critical equipment stays up and running, helping you achieve production goals.