Floral Care

Diamonox® Inline Ozone Systems

for Floral Care

Industrial Laundry

Diamonox® ozone generators can be used in commercial greenhouses to save plants from molds and pathogens without adding any toxic chemicals. Ozone is also capable of disinfecting fresh cuttings and growing equipment, eliminating unwanted odors, and helping prevent premature spoilage. Ozone effectively kills spores, fungus and mildew, helping control and eliminate many of the primary root causes for product loss.

The effect of ozone water for disinfection is an all-around superior product and process. Whether you’re looking for a method of preserving fresh flowers for maximum life once they reach end users, or if you’re looking to reduce your greenhouse’s chemical consumption, providing a safer, more comfortable working environment for your employees, Diamonox represents a cost-effective way to holistically enhance your operations.

  • Eliminate bacteria that feeds on plant matter and reduces product quality
  • Prevent biological build-up and film from developing in and on equipment
  • Reduce reliance on chemical-based cleaning processes