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Ozone Water Treatment A Safer,

Greener Disinfectant


Biocide Kills up to 99% of Bacteria


Ozonated Water Reduces Chemical Consumption


Creates Ozone from Water, in Water, Using only Electricity.

No matter the environment, the presence of harmful pathogens is a reality of everyday life – a reality that can cause significant challenges for organizations of all sizes. From healthcare facilities that rely on sanitary linens for their patients’ livelihoods, to large-scale floriculture grow operations where bacteria means spoiled product, pathogens can cause direct harm to your employees, customers and bottom line. As a result, safe, efficient and effective disinfection is a critical aspect of the health of any operation.

Even in the cleanest environments, various microorganisms can accumulate on surfaces and reach harmful levels. When individuals or objects contact these contaminated surfaces, the transfer of microbes begins, resulting in cross-contamination. Mold, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens can be easily spread from surface to surface, challenging the cleaning and disinfecting capabilities of today’s traditional environmental treatment options.

Mobile Disinfection
Multi Purpose Application

Multiple Applications, One Innovative Ozone Technology ADT Diamonox Ozone purification systems enable users to safely and efficiently disinfect large areas on a regular, frequent basis, using water and electricity as the only system inputs. This helps instantaneously control the spread of harmful microbes, with minimal ongoing costs.

ADT’s ozone generation products represent a powerful addition to any organization’s risk mitigation strategy. They provide an additional level of safety for employees and customers while reducing chemical, cleaning and operational costs for facility owners and operators.