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Cells and Systems

The core of Diamonox Technology is electrodes made of the Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (UNCD®), which are enclosed in an industrial-strength electrochemical flow cell. The cell design enables the linear scalability of the cells in a very simple way. Stainless steel plates enclose an alternating stack of anodes (UNCD deposited on niobium plates), spacers, and cathodes (typically stainless steel or tungsten).

Ozone Cells

Diamonox Ozone Technology generate ozone directly from the water and not from the air. As the water flows over?the electrodes coated with ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD), it is dissociated into its two components (oxygen and hydrogen). The oxygen reacts further at the diamond surface and it is converted into ozone (O3). As the ozone is generated, it is directly dissolved in the water and flows within the stream for further use.

Advanced Diamond Technologies has been able to transfer the UNCD technology to the microfabrication level by maintaining the same unique properties of the diamond. Wafer-size electrodes can be fabricated using standard clean-room techniques for considerable cost reductions at high volumes. Miniaturized Diamonox Ozone Technology enables point-generation directly where needed like in faucets and other appliances.

Cooling Tower Systems

For cooling tower water treatment, Advanced Diamond Technologies is offering a single-sized system at a competitive price. It is comprised of a central unit that utilizes a Diamonox cell for the generation of hypochlorite from brine into a day tank.

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