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OEM Process at Advanced Diamond Technologies

At Advanced Diamond Technologies we are well aware that each water problem is a unique problem. We are dedicated to understand in detail the customer’s requirements in order to provide the best possible solution.

During the first phase of project evaluation, an preliminary exchange of non-confidential information between the customer and ADT will allow the definition of the problem. Usually, at that point, a mutual non-disclosure agreement is set in place so to proceed into the evaluation to a greater extent. In the phase of the feasibility studies, the final applications and specifications are set and a technical evaluation is often performed with a bench scale study at the ADT facility. Evaluation of the actual real water is an important step in the process as it allows the quantification of the problem and a preliminary estimate of the capital and operational expenses. These latter will be further defined during the actual field trial. An NRE proposal is prepared in order to determine the time scale and deliverables for the realization of the project.

Once the customer has approved this proposal, usually under a joint development agreement or a regular contract, ADT will work with the customer and partners in order to deliver a field pilot system (usually in the 10% of the full scale). The pilot system will enable the estimation of the integration of a Diamonox water treatment in the current system (if already present) and provide a more accurate estimate of the capital and operational costs for the full system. Finally, the terms of delivery of the final system is then agree between ADT and the customer.

OEM Process at ADT
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