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ADT Corporate Brochure

ADT Product Catalog

ADT Product Catalog

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UNCD Wafers are wafer-scale diamond products, used for MEMS development, tribological testing, and unique nano-scale processing applications. UNCD Wafers offer the ability to create and experiment with the extraordinary properties of diamond, using the award winning family of UNCD materials. UNCD Wafers meet a set of baseline wafer-level specifications for thickness/ property uniformity, wafer bow, and particle counts suitable for direct insertion into a MEMS foundry process sequence.

UNCD Components bring the tribological benefits of diamond to mechanical seals used for rotary equipment, such as pumps and mixers. UNCD Components are processed using ADT’s patented diamond technology and provide exceptional life and robustness to mechanical pump seals.

Diamonox Cells bring all the superior properties of diamond to water-treatment companies that are developing and supplying electrochemical water treatment technologies for industrial and municipal applications. Our technology allows diamond to be run in operating conditions far beyond what is achievable with conventional diamond technology.

UNCD Probes are made entirely of UNCD – both the tip and cantilever – in a single monolithic structure. These are not diamond-coated probes; the cantilever and probe tip are entirely made of diamond and demonstrate the astonishing control and precision that is available with diamond today.

UNCD Sensor Substrates are made using ADT’s award-winning thin, smooth diamond. These substrates can be used for biological and chemical sensing and offer the extreme benefits of biocompatibility, high reusability and excellent binding of molecules – to name a few.

Application Development Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT) solves hard problems. Using our proprietary diamond technology, UNCD, ADT is tackling some of the world’s most challenging issues–from water purification to anti-coagulation devices to biomedical sensors. The following are just a few examples of how ADT is solving the world’s hardest problems.

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