UNCD Faces

UNCD Components

UNCD® Faces Expand the Capabilities of Mechanical Seals

Seal face materials have always been challenged to provide reliable operation in low-lubricity, abrasive, and corrosive applications. UNCD coated seal faces feature very low friction, chemical inertness, and superior wear resistance – making them an ideal solution for severe service applications.

Compatible with Existing Seal Designs

UNCD faces incoporate a very thin film of phase-pure diamond, securely bonded to a self-sintered silicon carbide or tungsten carbide substrate. the bearings can be produced to match existing engineering drawings in all quantities and a variety of shapes and sizes up to 12″ diameter.

UNCD Coated Faces Have Unique Performance Capabilities Versus Conventional Face Materials


UNCD is 5x harder than Silicon Carbide
  • Provides maximum resistance to abrasive particle damage
UNCD last up to 20x longer than Silicon Carbide in dry-running conditions
  • Maximum life in applications with low-lubricity conditions
  • Survives upset and out-of-spec conditions
  • Optimal for transfer pumps
UNCD faces generate 6x less friction than SiC/Carbon combinations and 10x less than SiC/SiC
  • Minimizes flashing in hot water and volatile hydrocarbons
  • Helps maintain lower seal temperatures in severe operating environments
  • Minimizes need for auxiliary cooling or double seals

Typical Applications

Intermittent Dry-Running Conditions

Transfer Pumps

Water/air multiphase fluids

Applications with cavitation or air-entrainment

Corrosive Media

Sulphuric acid


Extreme Temperature

Heat Transfer fluids

Off-spec vacuum tower bottoms

Cryogenic applications

Abrasive Slurries

Flue gas desulpherization

Mining slurries

Fibrous slurries

Water with coke fines

Low-Lubricity Applications

Light Hydrocarbons

Hot condensate

Boiler feed water