UNCD Bearings

UNCD Components

In applications where ceramic bearings are subjected to low-lubricity or abrasive conditions, UNCD® coatings can substantially improve performance and reliability.

Bearings on magnetic drive mixers and pumps typically rely on the fluid being mixed or pumped for lubrication and cooling. If the process fluid is not present – due to a batch change-over or process upset, for example – the carbide bearings typically fail in less than a minute. When this occurs, the bearings must be replaced and re-certified, and any production material must be inspected for contaminants. UNCD coated bearings combine both the surface hardness of diamond and a CoF similar to Teflon. This enables them to extend the bearing life in dry run conditions from less than one minute to more than five hours.

Compatible With Existing Equipment Designs:

UNCD faces incoporate a very thin film of phase-pure diamond, securely bonded to a self-sintered silicon carbide or tungsten carbide substrate. the bearings can be produced to match existing engineering drawings in all quantities and a variety of shapes and sizes.

UNCD Bearing Advantages:

  • Survives upset and out-of-spec conditions
  • Withstands dry-running conditions over 100x longer than SiC bearings
  • Resists abrasive wear from high solids fluids
  • Provides superior hardness, wear resistance, and chemical resistance
  • USP Class VI qualified for demanding pharmaceutical applications

Typical Applications:

  • Applications where bearing lubrication is intermittently interrupted or reduced
  • Poor lubricating environments, such as hot water, abrasive slurries, and tempurature sensitive media
  • Fluids with entrained gas
  • Fluids requiring extremely limited wear particle contamination

UNCD Bearings in Action:

UNCD bearings survive dry-run conditions

UNCD bearings in a mixer tank draining simulation

EMD Millipore (Now Merck KGaA) Selects Advanced Diamond Technologies’ UNCD® Bearings™:

Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT) announces that EMD Millipore has selected UNCD® Bearings™ to improve the reliability and dry-running capability of its NovAseptic® line of mixers.

Upon loss of lubrication, a mixer’s bearings commonly fail within 30 seconds. When this occurs, they must be repaired, cleaned, and re-certified; a cumbersome and expensive process. … tests show that UNCD Bearings can extend the mean-time-to-failure upon loss of lubrication to over 5 hours—an improvement of 600 times.

With UNCD Bearings our customers can avoid the costly and irritating unplanned maintenance that occurs when the bearings lose lubrication. This translates directly into increased uptime and greater product throughput which has a direct bottom-line benefit for our customers,” said NovAseptic’s product manager, Tom Dennen.

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