Improved Reliability

UNCD Components

UNCD® Improves Pump Reliability:

The correct design and equipment can only take MTBF so far. More than 25% of pump failures are due to seal failure from non-standard operational demands.

Over Two Thirds of pump failures are due to seal failure.

The Largest Percentage of those failures are related to non-standard operations.

ADT’s UNCD seal faces can withstand a wider range of operating parameters. This leads to extended seal (and pump) life and superior performance in severe service applications.

Improvements In Seal MTBF Can Deliver Millions In Savings

The average refinery or chemical facility operates ~1,200 pumps

25% improvement in MTBF results in $1.4-1.8 Million in Annual Savings

Boeing 787’s benefit from UNCD

Objective: Manufacturer of carbon composites for aerospace applications needed to significantly extend the seal life of their multi-story polymer reactors.

Application: OEM supplied double seals failed within 2-4 weeks and required dedicated cooling systems. ADT’s partner replaced these seals with custom single seals utilizing UNCD faces.

Results: Single, UNCD-faced seals replaced the OEM double seals and have averaged 2.5-3 year operational life (MTBF). All reactors in two facilities have been converted to UNCD faces.