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UNCD® Provides Efficient Operation Through a Lower Coefficient of Friction:

The coefficient of friction (CoF) of UNCD components running against SiC primaries has been measured between 0.018 and 0.04, which is significantly lower than a comparable measurement of SiC against resin-bonded carbon or SiC against SiC (see graph above).

The Benefits of Less Friction:

Reduced Energy Usage

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, pumping systems account for 25-50% of the energy usage in certain industrial plant operations. ADT field data indicates that incorporating UNCD seal faces into these systems results in up to 5% less energy usage. An average refinery or chemical production facility could realize over $500,000 in energy savings alone.

Less Heat Generation (results from Flowserve analysis)

  • In 100 hour tests on water with entrained gases, UNCD faces averaged 50% (67 oF) cooler than SiC faces and exhibited substantially lower wear.
  • In partial dry-running conditions, seals with a single UNCD face ran anywhere from 40 oF to 110 oF cooler over the life of the test, depending on condition.

Low friction enables UNCD components to be paired with silicon carbide (SiC) primaries in applications that would otherwise require weaker, less chemically stable, carbon faces due to intermittent dry operation or temperature-sensitive media.

Annual Costs UNCD Faces Custom Seal Plan 32 Dual Seal No Change
Initial Costs $500 $2,000 $1,000 $1,000 for seal + $1,000 for auxiliary $0
Operating Cost Savings (Lower Power Consumption) $0 $0.01/gal. x 1gpm = $5,256 $0.005/gal. for cooling water $2,628 Base
Maintenance Cost $0 $0 $0 $30/gal. barrier fluid, 12gpy = $360 + labor $1,000 + down time
Total Cost $500
Lowest Cost Option
$2000 $6,256 >$5,000 $1,000

UNCD’s lower friction can provide more robust single-seal solutions in applications that might otherwise require additional cooling equipment costs and maintenance issues associated with more complex seal plans.

South American Mines are saving 230M gallons of water annually with UNCD

Objective: South American copper mines were using conventional seals which required ~9 gallons a minute of cooling water per pump. The mines are located in one of the driest regions on earth and at 9,000 feet above sea level. The cost – and environmental impact – of cooling water was extremely high.

Application: Conventional pump seals were replaced with mechanical seals utilizing UNCD coated tungsten carbide faces.

Results: The mechanical seals with UNCD faces have met the operating requirements without the use of auxiliary cooling water. Each diamond seal is saving the end-user $50K-$400K in reduced water usage.

Aquarium operators net savings with UNCD

Objective: A manufacturer of pumps for aquariums was seeking to reduce energy costs and improve reliability.

Application: Electricity is a major component of overall costs for aquarium operators. Additionally, abrasive seawater and periodic dry-run conditions lead to short MTBF for pump seals.

Results: UNCD coated seals were installed and energy costs were reduced by 5-7% vs. conventional seals. The pumps also exhibited substantially better reliability.