UNCD Components

UNCD® Delivers Unique Performance Characteristics

Seals and Bearings in industrial applications can be subjected to enormous pressures and very severe operating evironments. Superior performance typically relies on the ability to resist wear (both mechanical and chemical) and to minimize friction and heat.

Enhanced Reliability (Click Here for More Info)

The single largest cause of pump down-time is seal failure due to non-standard operating conditions.

ADT’s UNCD seal faces can withstand a wider range of operating conditions – leading to extended seal (and pump) life.

Extended Life in Dry-Running and Low-Lubricity Conditions

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After thousands of hours of operation, UNCD faces have consistently outlasted SiC faces in poor lubricating conditions. In the same hot water testing conditions, UNCD faces exhibit minimal wear while SiC faces exhibit deep grooving and leakage. UNCD faces, running against UNCD or SiC counter-faces, have a coefficient of friction well below SiC / SiC values. Lower friction and less heat generation at the seal faces leads to substantially improved performance in low-lubricity environments.

Greater Resistance to Wear in Slurry and Other High-Solids Applications

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UNCD Faces are over 5x harder than SiC faces. When subjected to solids abrasion, UNCD faces substantially exceed the MTBF of conventional materials.

Increased Efficiency (Click Here for More Info)

  • Reduced energy usage
  • Less heat generation
  • Elimination of double seals & auxiliary cooling
  • Less water usage

Lead to…

Lower Operating Costs and Reduced Capital Costs