Abrasive Wear

UNCD Components

UNCD® Withstands the Toughest Conditions

Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material and UNCD coatings provide exceptional wear / abrasive resistance vs. standard materials. UNCD coating results in a harder and more durable surface than un-coated Silicon Carbide.

Unique Features for Abrasive Applications

Exceptional Hardness

UNCD faces are over 5x harder than Direct-Sintered Silicon Carbide

Outstanding Adhesion

UNCD coating adhesion strength exceeded the limits of the testing equipment.

Scratch test results of 6400 MPa (928 ksi) are twice the compressive strength of the SiC substrate


  • Substantially greater wear resistance to solids abrasion – promoting improved MTBF and MTBR
  • Options for using hard/hard face combinations in systems with solids and low-lubricity conditions
  • Resistance to Silicon Carbide scoring and binder pullout
  • Potential for replacing double seals or packing with a single seal with UNCD faces

Typical Applications

  • Applications where abrasive particles or solids are in media
  • As a cost-competitive alternative to dual seals
  • Applications where user seeks to reduce cooling / water costs

UNCD delivers 5-15x MTBR increase at Australian Alumina Refinery

Objective: Pump OE targeted 20 seals with MTBR of less than 6 months.

Application: Washer overflow pumps, feed pumps, filtrate pumps, and the spent liquor dilution pumps; Extreme abrasion, corrosion, temperature and pressure extremes, and off pump-curve operation

Results: UNCD seal faces delivered 5-15x improvements in MTBR