UNCD Components

ADT UNCD® - Improving the performance of rotating equipment

UNCD-enhanced industrial components bring the chemical and structural properties of diamond to mechanical seals and hydrodynamic bearings used for rotary equipment, such as pumps and mixers. These properties enable equipment to achieve results that conventional alternatives cannot, enabling efficient and effective operation in even the harshest of application conditions.

UNCD for industrial applications

Ultrananocrystaline Diamond (UNCD) coatings are extremely thin (0.5-20μm) coatings of real diamond. When applied to carbide wear surfaces, UNCD significantly expands the performance capabilities of rotating equipment such as pumps and mixers.

UNCD has demonstrated its value in critical field applications:

  • Over 40,000 UNCD coated components have been used in operations on six continents
  • Many industry-leading manufacturers are specifying UNCD coatings for high wear applications world-wide
  • A wide variety of industries – including Oil & Gas, Chemical, Water Treatment, Power, and Mining – have adopted UNCD as a preferred solution for critical applications

ADT delivers as a world-class supply partner

Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT) is the world’s leading supplier of thin diamond coatings for applications in rotating equipment. For more than 15 years, ADT has partnered with OEM’s and major industrial end-users to improve the performance and reliability of their critical components.

Services include:

  • Engineering & design capabilities for unique OEM applications
  • Failure analysis and performance testing
  • Quick turn-around design, production, and delivery
  • Global service and availability through more than 180 partner service centers

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The unique properties of UNCD offer rotating equipment a number of significant benefits:

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