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UNCD Wafers Brochure

UNCD Wafers Brochure

UNCD Wafers are wafer-scale products, used for exploiting the vast potential of diamond materials such as MEMS development, tribological testing, and unique nano-scale processing applications. UNCD Wafers offer the ability to create and experiment with the extraordinary properties of diamond, using the award winning family of UNCD materials. UNCD Wafers meet a set of baseline wafer-level specifications for thickness, property uniformity, wafer bow, and target thicknesses suitable for direct insertion into a MEMS foundry process sequence.

If your application is novel and the standard ADT UNCD Wafers do not match your requirements, please contact us and we can apply our diamond expertise to a unique solution that fits your specifications and budget.

DoSi Wafers (Diamond on Silicon)

DSi Wafers (Diamond on Silicon)

A prime silicon wafer with a thin film of UNCD. UNCD DoSi Wafers are offered for all of the family of UNCD materials and available for customization.

DOI Wafers (Diamond on Insulator)

DSi Wafers (Diamond on Silicon)

Standard silicon wafers coated with a thermal SiO2 layer (nominal 1 micron thickness) followed by UNCD. These substrates are ready for further processing using standard surface micromachining techniques to make UNCD-based sensors, cantilevers, resonators, diaphragms, windows, etc. UNCD DOI Wafers are offered for all of the family of UNCD materials. Wafer sizes are customizable to meet your application needs.

Custom UNCD® Wafers

DSi Wafers (Diamond on Silicon)

ADT is happy to work with its customers to develop custom wafer stacks suitable for creating complex MEMS devices. ADT will also integrate UNCD into a customer’s patterned wafer stack. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

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