UNCD Sensor Substrates

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Images of unpatterned and patterned UNCD Sensor Substrates for biological and chemical sensing. *Source: Lab on a Chip, “Rapid Thermal Lysis of Cells using silicon-diamond microcantilever heaters”


UNCD material: Polycrystalline diamond (UNCD Lightning25: conductive – boron-doped; UNCD Aqua25: non-conductive – un-doped)
Substrate material: Silicon, Silicon dioxide (standard)
Thin metal films as seed layers — Ti, Nb, Ta, W (available upon request)
Sizes: Rectangle ( 1×3 inches – the size of a glass slide), squares (10×10 mm up to 50×50 mm); Other sizes available upon request
Form: “Un-patterned” electrode substrates. Patterning (multiplexing) available
Electrical conductivity: 10-100 Ω-1 cm-1

UNCD Sensor Substrates vs. Standard Bio/Chem Electrode Substrates

Electrode Comparison Graph

* Glassy Carbon Electrode

Electrode Comparison Graph 1.jpgElectrode Comparison Graph 2.jpg