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Biosensors Overview

Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT) sells UNCD Sensor Substrates to be used for biological and chemical sensing in the lab. ADT’s proprietary diamond material, UNCD, has proven to be an extremely stable biological surface, with the ability to keep biomolecules active on the surface for over two weeks at body temperature or over six months under refrigeration. Additionally, UNCD has high selectivity, low fouling, and can be reused multiple times. With patterning, multiplexing is available.

We offer both conductive and non-conductive UNCD Sensor Substrates. Conductive substrates are suitable for researchers who develop sensors based on electrical transduction (amperometric, potentiometric, conductance, electrochemiluminescence, electrical impedance spectroscopy). Non-conductive UNCD substrates can be used for fluorescence detection.

ADT has used UNCD Sensor Substrates in developing biosensors for the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). UNCD Sensor Electrodes are available for wholesalers, distributors and individual researchers.

Functionalized Diamond

Advanced Functional MaterialUNCD Sensor substrates have been used for detection of E coli in water. At left, a schematic of antibody-functionalized UNCD Sensors surface for E coli detection.

Source: Advanced Functional Materials Paper

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