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Diamond MEMS 101

Diamond MEMS 101

Application Development for Hard Problems

Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT) solves hard problems. Using our proprietary diamond technology, UNCD®, ADT is tackling some of the world’s most challenging issues – from water purification to anti-coagulation devices to biomedical sensors. The following are just a few examples of how ADT is solving the world’s hardest problems.

ELIMINATING BLOOD CLOTTING using UNCD for implantable devices.

Application Development JarvikHeartRobert Jarvik, of JarvikHeart®, revolutionized the medical industry and, more importantly, has provided extended life to those being treated for severe heart failure. JarvikHeart has turned to ADT to use UNCD to reduce the risk of blood clotting in tiny channels of the infant heart assist devices, thereby reducing the need for blood thinning medications and improving patient safety.

DIAMOND MEMS BIOSENSORS for real-time sensing of chemical/biological threats

Application Development BiohazardSoldiers in the field on today’s battlegrounds face increased risk from exposure to water-based biological and chemical attacks. Current sensor technology either works only in air or last only a short time in water. UNCD forms an extremely stable substrate for molecular detection, and ADT has been engaged by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to create a diamond MEMS biosensor to detect water borne threats such as e. coli. Funding to date for this project has exceeded $5 million.

NEXT GENERATION CMP pad conditioners and other 3-D diamond products

Next Generation CMPWith the continuation of Moore’s law, both in regards to transistor size and reduction in price per chip, the tolerance for all processes are increasingly tight. ADT has been award a $150,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to develop a CMP Pad Conditioner appropriate for future nodes. Contact ADT to collaborate with us on this project.

DIAMOND RF MEMS for mobile wireless applications

Diamond RF MEMSMobile wireless applications are becoming increasingly demanding – requiring higher frequencies (3G, 4G) and longer battery life. ADT is working with partners like MEMtronics to develop piezoelectric diamond RF MEMS filters to solve these commercially relevant problems.

WATER PURIFICATION using Diamonox Cells

Water PurificationAs populations soar and natural resources become more valuable, water treatment becomes more important. ADT has developed Diamonox cells used for water treatment.

INCREASING THE RELIABILITY of rotating equipment

Rotating EquipmentEnvironmental disasters like the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico highlights the importance of reliability in all industrial equipment. Using over $2 million of grants and funding, ADT has developed the revolutionary diamond UNCD Components product line to enhance reliability and increase energy efficiency for hydrodynamic bearings and pump seals.

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