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NaDiaProbes Catalog

NaDiaProbes Catalog

NaDiaProbes®: All-Diamond AFM Probes

NaDiaProbes are all-diamond AFM probes – not diamond coated or diamond-like carbon. Both the cantilever and probe tip are made of UNCD (ADT’s brand of thin, film diamond) in a single, monolithic structure and demonstrate the astonishing control and precision that is available with diamond today.

R&D 100 Award - Microscopy Category
2009 R&D 100 Award – Microscopy Category

Dynamic (Non-Contact) Mode Probes


  • Dynamic mode topographic imaging
  • Surface potential imaging
  • Nanoindentation

Conductive Diamond Probes


  • c-AFM
  • Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM)
  • Oxidation Nanolithography
  • E-Chem AFM
  • Piezo-Force Microscopy

Contact Mode NaDiaProbes


  • Scanning hard surfaces in Contact Mode
  • Quality control for production
  • Nanomanufacturing
  • New users
  • Long-tip lifetimes

Customer Presentation

This presentation introduces NaDiaProbes, and explains how an ‘all-diamond probe’ is beneficial to AFM microscopists. The presenation is split into 3 videos:

Part 1: What is an all-diamond NaDiaProbe?

Part 2: Benefits and Key Applications

Part 3: Product Line

Education Vignettes

Short videos on specific applicaitons or questions about NaDiaProbes:

What is a NaDiaProbe?

The $15 All-Diamond Probe for General Imaging

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