UNCD successes highlighted at Flowserve Technical Forum

The unique value of UNCD seal faces was highlighted at a Technical Forum hosted by Flowserve in Tarragona Spain. With over 40,000 UNCD parts in the field, the value proposition and unique performance of diamond coated parts has been demonstrated in wide range of applications.  Advanced Diamond Technologies’ sales managers, Bob Ashby and Keith Kolar, outlined typical applications and field performance results.

Representatives from DOW Corporation’s Polyol production facility in Tarragona also presented a case study focused on how UNCD seal faces had addressed critical operating issues at the facility.

Advanced Diamond Technologies at the Flowserve Technical Forum in Tarragona Spain

Many thanks to Flowserve’s Tarragona staff for the opportunity. To learn more, please visit www.diamondseals.com

Advanced Diamond Technologies Pilots Framework for Transitioning Scientific Research to Commercial Channels

Romeoville, IL – Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT), the world leader in developing and applying ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD®) coatings, is proud to announce that ADT was spotlighted at the Materials Research Society’s 2016 Technology Innovation Forum. During the forum, ADT participated in a panel discussion that highlighted a technology transfer model piloted by ADT’s founders.

Developed by Dr. Orlando Auciello and Dr. John Carlisle at Argonne National Laboratory in 2001, the technology transfer model provides a framework for forming a start-up company in order to commercialize research, which is a challenging transition for most laboratories. The Department of Energy and other national laboratories are now using the model to introduce scientific innovations into the marketplace.

“The framework was essential to getting ADT’s UNCD coating technology out of the research lab and into a commercial marketing channel,” said ADT co-founder Dr. Orlando Auciello.

The technology transfer model includes processes for effectively managing conflicts of interest, which can be a significant obstacle for the scientific community.

“The model re-imagines the entire technology transfer process from the ground up,” said ADT co-founder Dr. John Carlisle.

Since introducing UNCD, ADT has grown to become the most profitable thin film diamond company in the world, with numerous UNCD-coated products deployed in industrial, electronics, and water treatment applications.

“ADT is now not only profitable, but aggressively accelerating its products into multiple markets and applications,” said John Yerger, ADT’s president and CEO.

PICTURED: ADT co-founder John Carlisle (second from left) discussed ADT’s technology transfer model during a panel discussion at the 2016 Technology Innovation Forum.

About Advanced Diamond Technologies

Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc. (ADT) is the world leader in developing and applying diamond films for electronic, mechanical, industrial and biomedical applications. ADT’s innovative UNCD® (ultrananocrystalline diamond) coating enables diamond — and its extreme properties — to be integrated into a wide range of products. ADT has earned numerous honors for its revolutionary engineering material, including the 2011 R&D 100 Award for its RF MEMS Switch/CMOS Device.