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CTO, Dr. John Carlisle co-authors "CVD Diamond - Research, applications, and challenges

CTO, Dr. John Carlisle co-authors "CVD Diamond - Research, applications, and challenges."

ADT is the Grand Sponsor of the 2014 NDNC Conference

Join Grand Sponsor, Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT) for the international New Diamond and Nano Carbons Conference (NDNC 2014...

UNCD® Standard and Custom Wafers: A Family of Diamond Materials

UNCD is ADT's brand name for a family of thin film diamond products.

UNCD allows for the utilization of many different types of diamond films and applications that capture different properties of diamond. ADT has the unique ability to tailor UNCD for a broad range of customer products. For instance, rough diamond films that have been available for years are extremely abrasive, and thus useful for cutting applications. However, UNCD allows for the roughness of the films to be controllably varied, enabling films that are extremely smooth and exhibit very low friction yet retain the extreme wear resistance of natural diamond. In a similar manner the thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and optical properties can be varied over many orders of magnitude. Thus films that are highly electrically conducting at room temperature can have either high or low thermal conductivity and can also be made optically more or less transparent.

It is our customer's application that matters most, so ADT has extended its expertise in applying the various diamond formats to fit customer size, shape, performance, and substrate compositions. Diamond is an engineering material, and ADT provides the means to integrating diamond into your products and applications.

ADT's standard UNCD Wafers are wafer-scale diamond products, used for MEMS development, tribological testing, and unique nano-scale processing applications. UNCD Wafers offer the ability to create and experiment with the extraordinary properties of diamond, using the award winning family of UNCD materials. UNCD Wafers meet a set of baseline wafer-level specifications for thickness /property uniformity, wafer bow, and particle counts suitable for direct insertion into a MEMS foundry process sequence.