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NaDiaProbes Catalog

CTO, Dr. John Carlisle co-authors "CVD Diamond - Research, applications, and challenges

CTO, Dr. John Carlisle co-authors "CVD Diamond - Research, applications, and challenges."

ADT is the Grand Sponsor of the 2014 NDNC Conference

Join Grand Sponsor, Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT) for the international New Diamond and Nano Carbons Conference (NDNC 2014...

Diamonds are a Researcher's Best Friend?

ADT is Reason #4 Why Diamonds are a Researcher's Best Friend.

NaDiaProbes®: All-Diamond AFM Probes

NaDiaProbes are all-diamond AFM probes - not diamond coated or diamond-like carbon. Both the cantilever and probe tip are made of UNCD (ADT's brand of thin, film diamond) in a single, monolithic structure and demonstrate the astonishing control and precision that is available with diamond today.

RDlogo_100s_4C.jpg  2009 R&D 100 Award - Microscopy Category

Dynamic (Non-Contact) Mode Probes


  • Dynamic mode topographic imaging
  • Surface potential imaging
  • Nanoindentation

Conductive Diamond Probes


  • c-AFM
  • Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM)
  • Oxidation Nanolithography
  • E-Chem AFM
  • Piezo-Force Microscopy

Contact Mode NaDiaProbes


  • Scanning hard surfaces in Contact Mode
  • Quality control for production
  • Nanomanufacturing
  • New users
  • Long-tip lifetimes


Customer Presentation 

This presentation introduces NaDiaProbes, and explains how an 'all-diamond probe' is beneficial to AFM microscopists. The presenation is split into 3 videos:

  • Part 1: What is an all-diamond NaDiaProbe?
  • Part 2: Benefits and Key Applications
  • Part 3: Product line 

Education Vignettes

Short videos on specific applicaitons or questions about NaDiaProbes:

  • What is a NaDiaProbe?
  • The $15 All-Diamond Probe for General Imaging
  • More to come...