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CTO, Dr. John Carlisle co-authors "CVD Diamond - Research, applications, and challenges

CTO, Dr. John Carlisle co-authors "CVD Diamond - Research, applications, ...

ADT is the Grand Sponsor of the 2014 NDNC Conference

Join Grand Sponsor, Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT) for the internatio...

Diamonds are a Researcher's Best Friend?

ADT is Reason #4 Why Diamonds are a Researcher's Best Friend.

Company Overview

Diamond, nature’s extreme material, is renowned for its incomparable properties such as exceptional hardness, high stiffness, low friction, biocompatibility and outstanding thermal conductivity — just to name a few. For decades designers and engineers have sought to harness the attributes of diamond for a variety of engineering uses, but until now diamond has been notoriously difficult to work with, prohibitively expensive and without a reliable supply. Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT), the world leader in developing and applying diamond films for electronic, mechanical, industrial and biomedical applications, offers several families of high-performance products that exploit the unsurpassed characteristics of diamond.

Leveraging research originally funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, ADT’s proprietary technology captures the properties of natural diamond in a nanocrystalline thin-film form known as UNCD®. Known for its  ability to seamlessly integrate with other materials, UNCD is mirror-smooth. Since it is vapor deposited, UNCD can be used to bring the properties of diamond to existing products while enabling entirely new classes of high performance devices.

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ADT was formed on the premise that the diamond age is upon us. Some have referred to this as the “Carbon Century” due to other advances in nanostructured carbon materials. With the advances brought about by UNCD, diamond can now be considered by engineers during the design phase from their palette of materials to enable entirely new classes of applications. ADT is the recipient of many international awards recognizing the quality of its technology and its innovation.

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