Now Available: Diamonox Cells

ADT is bringing the power of diamond to electrochemical water treatment technologies.

Advanced Diamond Technologies

The world’s leading manufacturer of thin, smooth diamond products.

What is UNCD?

An advanced diamond technology that harnesses all the extreme properties of diamond in a thin, smooth film.

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CVD diamond - Research, applications, and challenges

CTO, Dr. John Carlisle co-authors "CVD Diamond - Research, applications, and challenges

CTO, Dr. John Carlisle co-authors "CVD Diamond - Research, applications, ...

ADT is the Grand Sponsor of the 2014 NDNC Conference

Join Grand Sponsor, Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT) for the internatio...

Diamonds are a Researcher's Best Friend?

ADT is Reason #4 Why Diamonds are a Researcher's Best Friend.

Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT) harnesses the superlative properties of nature's perfect material by turning natural gas into diamond in a highly controlled, reproducible process for a variety of industrial, electronic and medical applications. ADT offers several families of high performance UNCD® products that take advantage of the unsurpassed properties of diamond.

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Blood Clot Elimination

Jarvik Heart uses UNCD® to reduce the risk of blood clotting, reduce the need for blood thinning medications, and to improve patient safety. MORE.

Diamond BioMEMS for Detection

ADT is developing wearable biosensors for tomorrow’s soldiers, which will be able to detect e. coli in water supplies. MORE.

Water Purification

ADT develops diamond electrodes to use in both bio MEMS sensors, as well as components, used for detoxifying extreme industrial waste streams. MORE.

Next Generation CMP

With NSF support, ADT is designing the next generation of chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) pad conditioners for the semiconductor industry. MORE.

Diamond RF MEMS

ADT is creating piezoelectric diamond RF MEMS filters to keep up with the increasing demands of mobile wireless applications. MORE.

Industrial Equipment Reliability

ADT launched a revolutionary family of mechanical seal faces to save energy and improve efficiency in fluid pumping systems. MORE.